About Zhaawnong Webb

Zhaawnong Webb (pronounced zh-aw-wu-nung) is an Indigenous content and video creator who creates Indigenous informative media. Zhaawnong utilizes platforms like social media and YouTube to educate and shine a light on the experiences, histories, knowledge, and languages of the Indigenous peoples of Canada.


Zhaawnong is an Anishinaabe-nini (man) through his Algonquin mother from Kitigan-Zibi First Nation in Quebec, and his Ojibwe father from Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario. While coming from and being raised in the Kawartha Nishinawbe community in Burleigh Falls Ontario. With relations to the Bear clan from his mother, Zhaawnong is of the Crane clan from his father. Zhaawnong is also learning about his Anishinaabe culture with the Midewewin Lodge in Wiikwemikoong Manitoulin Island.


While exploring his interests, Zhaawnong enrolled at Sir Sandford Fleming College and graduated from 2 trades programs. Re-discovering his passion for his Anishinaabe identity and culture, Zhaawnong then enrolled at Trent University in the Indigenous Studies program and is currently working towards his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Indigenous studies.

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My Goal

It is my life goal to live the most Anishinaabe way of life, while still navigating a western world. Walking a path with my feet on two separate roads, while bridging the gap between the two. Colonization is a reality we have all had to face. It is a part of my goal to welcome all people with open arms and good medicine, so that we may learn how to navigate the world as one collective group of people. The medicine wheel has 4 different colors representing the different people in the 4 directions. It's a part of our stories that say when those 4 nations of people come together in the center of the circle and combine their worldviews, they will unlock a whole new way of viewing the world. A worldview that doesn't discriminate towards another. A worldview that works towards the continuum of life in all of creation. That is the road I walk. Learning to live with my 7 grandfather teachings, and inspiring others to do the same.

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